About Us

The idea for Rapid Job came when Joe was sitting at a cafe in London. Joe and Nick eventually connected in New Zealand and founded Rapid Job together with their complementing skills, and mutual love for good food - Joe and Nick are big time foodies.

Rapid Job was formed over many coffees and with a lot of help from the hospitality and retail industry. Joe and Nick realised that the recruitment process has changed very little in today’s mobile friendly world, and that no one had made the process as simple as messaging an employer and exchanging chat messages.

After talking with business owners in the hospitality and retail industry about recruitment, they found that traditional recruitment tools were not designed for the fast paced industry of hospitality and retail; they are expensive, time consuming, and designed to be a slow process. The industry wanted something where they could find good staff fast, and something that could be done completely through their phone, and review applicants on-the-go when it suits them.


joe harper

  • Code ninja

  • App building extraordinaire, built 50+ apps

  • On a mission to try every cafes cheesecake in New Zealand

    Contact Joe - Joe@rapidjob.co.nz


nick gain

  • Master executor and man of operations

  • Mindset for high growth and customer satisfaction

  • Often seen in front of the bar and with G&T in hand

    Contact Nick - Nick@rapidjob.co.nz